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Self Portrait (Angry), 2023, Tin Type images using 19th Century wet plate collodion processes. Technical support Keira Hudson

In July 2023 it was confirmed that I was successful in receiving the Creators Fund research and development grant funded generously by Creative Victoria.


Recieving this grant means that I will undertake an intensive research and development period for a brand new screen based work centred around the lives of a motley crew of characters who sit on the fringes of society. The work explores non-linearity of time, traversing a timeframe of more than 200 years, "beginning" in the goldrush period and looking to the future of Australia via the present.


I have commenced delving into the archives at the State Library of Victoria, accessing historical documents, journals and images to guide the writing process. I am particularly interested in Traditional Owner histories, LGBTQI+ histories, histories of migration during the goldrush, Aboriginal domestic workers, emergence of new technologies such as photography and futurism, future predictions on the climate, migration and weather changes.


You can read the official release from Creative Victoria here.

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