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Axel Garay is a proud Meriam (Eastern Torres Strait), Puerto Rican & Malaysian queer man living and working on the lands of the Kulin Nations in Narrm (Melbourne) Australia.  Axel is an interdisciplinary media artist and writer working at the intersections of cinema, live performance and installation art. 

In 2023, Axel is currently funded through Creative Victoria to research and develop a screenplay as part of the Creators Fund grant. Axel is also writing for Artshub as a freelance writer as part of their Amplify Collective diversity inititative. 

Axel has recently tested a public art projection work for the Test Sites program funded through the City of Melbourne. 
Axel holds a Bachelor of Arts in Gender studies and Indigenous studies from University of Melbourne and in 2022, graduated from a Master of Media from RMIT. 


You can read more about his current work under the LATEST NEWS tab on this site.

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